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5 Reasons Lan Ha Bay Becomes New Trendy Cruise

5 Reasons Lan Ha Bay Becomes New Trendy Cruise Most people may know that Halong Bay has been one of the most attractive tourism destinations for recent decades. It is well known for typical topographic with islands and...

Why Lan Ha Bay should be in your travel list?

When hearing about Vietnam, you will see lots of information about the must-see destination: Halong Bay, and sometimes you also bump into other names such as Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. Lan Ha Bay in Autumn Lan Ha...

Protect the Environment in Ha Long Bay- Lan Ha Bay

In recent years, as the development of tourism in Ha Long, the biggest problem in Halong Bay management is too big conflict between protecting and preserving heritage to develop tourism industry. How to preserve...

Honeymoon in Mon Chéri Cruise

Honey moon is defined as “… the period when newly wed couples take a break to share some private and intimate moments that helps establish love in their relationship. This privacy in turn is believed to ease...

Five reasons to choose Mon Chéri Cruises for your trip to Halong Bay

Right from its inception, Mon Cheri Cruises  has enriched the collection of Halong Bay’s extravagant cruises and made its name as one of the most sought after liner. Contemporary facilities, unsurpassed services,...

Wifi and Phone connection on Lan Ha Bay cruise

Stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues while travelling abroad is a concern that most of travelers care about. Especially when you are cruising on the sea, wifi and phone signal play an important part in...

Cruise Safety Infomation

All boats feature the following safety amenities and furnishing to ensure the safest cruise in the bay.

Halong Bay Cruise Seasons

Peak season in Ha Long Bay runs from November to March. After the heat and humidity of the summer, the cooler temperatures - usually between 15oC to 23oC - are perfect for sightseeing and touristic activities. While...

Top tips for first – Time cruises to Halong Bay

Cruising Halong Bay as well Lan Ha Bay is easily the best way to access the beauty of this UNESCO inscribed area, explore off the beaten path islands, islets and caves, and wonder at the karst landscape as it unfolds...

8 things you should not do on a Halong Bay Cruise

While there are many Things to do on a Ha Long Bay cruise articles out there, what about things you shouldn’t do? We’ve got you covered. Ignore the safety talk Once you have boarded the vessel, you will be given a...

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Why Mon Chéri Cruises?
No hidden cost
Unforgettable holiday experience
Less stress due to shorter time on transfer
Only boat serves Halal food in Halong bay
Luxurious facilities and professional servicet
Luxury limousine van transfers
Luxurious facilities and professional service
Gourmet dining with authentic Vietnamese cuisine
Larger rooms than other cruises in Halong bay, with private balcony
Unique programs to visit untouched and off beaten track areas in both Lan Ha bay and Cat Ba island in one trip.