You will be treated to the best of Vietnamese and global cuisine on Mon Cheri. Our specially trained chefs have designed a menu which will make your dining experience on the cruise a great one. The ingredients are delivered fresh daily, and are of the highest quality.

Most uniquely, Mon Cheri features an additional Halal kitchen to take into consideration the special dietary requirements of some of our guests.

HALAL Dining on Mon Cheri

To meet the demand of Halal meals in Ha Long Bay, we have added a separate kitchen on the ship. It will be headed by top Vietnamese Master Chef  who is ready to serve the most delicious meals prepared from authentic ingredients. This menu will also be available for other guests to enjoy. Whether you are dreaming of a robust curry or flavorful salad, our 5 star chef will be able to serve these, and more dishes, for your dining pleasure!

Mon Chéri Cruises has the Halal certification and food safety certification to ensure the best dining experience for you. 

KOSHER Dining on Mon Cheri

To serve high needs in Kosher food  of the Jewish, Mon Cheri Cruise are proud to be expert in serving Kosher menu on the boat. We prepare distinctive cooking facilities as well as individual eating utensils for Kosher and menu is especially customized to provide the best food quality.