Weather in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay Weather Overview
Ha Long Bay is one of the Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Vietnam with World Recognition. Ha Long Bay belongs to Quang Ninh Province, a Northeast Province of Vietnam, making its weather shaped by northern typical climate. Ha Long Bay has two distinct seasons – Hot and Moist Summer and Dry and Cold Winter. Cold winds often start from November to March, meanwhile, the Hotter days often fall between June and September. The rest of the years are transitional months that see the mix of these two patterns.

Although you can Travel to Ha Long Bay all year round, there are some better days to visit the Bay than the other. Normally, the best time to visit the Bay is from March to May and from October to December. However, the weather has now seen changes which make the parameter of what is called “the best time” no longer 100% accurate. That being said, any day can be a good day in Ha Long Bay.

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