Why Lan Ha Bay should be in your travel list?

Why Lan Ha Bay should be in your travel list?

Why Lan Ha Bay should be in your travel list?

When hearing about Vietnam, you will see lots of information about the must-see destination: Ha Long Bay, and sometimes you also bump into other names such as Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay.

Lan Ha Bay in Autumn

Lan Ha Bay and Ha Long Bay, sound like they are 2 different bays in the Northern Vietnam, but they are not. Lan Ha Bay is an extension part of Ha Long Bay located to the Southeast of Cat Ba Island. Recently Lan Ha Bay becomes quite popular with many travelers and there are many questions why. The answers are right here:

  • Location

As mentioned above, Lan Ha Bay is located near Cat Ba Island, so it is an ideal option for beach lovers as you have more chance to sun-bath and feel the beautiful beach of this island. Especially when cruising on the bay is becoming trendier and trendier. Ha Long Bay offers you many options of cruise but not all of them would take you to Cat Ba Island. But many cruises which take the Lan Ha Bay route will guide your holiday to the island for a totally fresh experience.

Location of Lan Ha Bay

  • Less Touristy

As staying far away from the Ha Long Bay City and the name was not mentioned frequently, Lan Ha Bay has one big advantage: not too touristic even during the high season of traveling. Some of you might be pretty annoyed by the crowd everywhere you go or because of the view you want to admire is blocked by too much cruises on the bay. In Lan Ha Bay you totally can freely throw your view as far as you wish, in the day light or at night time.

Lan Ha Bay is Less Touristy

  • More Doing

Even though the place seems to be out of center zone, there are many things to do in Lan Ha Bay. This area can be considered as a ‘paradise for kayaking’ since the nature are wide opened for you to paddle through interesting caves such as Luon Cave or Sang Toi Cave, an ideal treat for nature lovers. Don’t forget Cat Ba Island where you should stretch your legs first to prepare to join many outdoor activities. Climbing to the top of the island, trekking, sun-bath, swimming, etc. are all worth to do. Not too far from the Cat Ba Island, there is Monkey Island where you might luckily have chance to make friends with cute little monkeys. Monkey might be cheesy sometimes but in this case, it could be a good way to get to know each other!

Having Fun on Monkey Island

Saying is never as good as witnessing directly. So the best way to earn most interesting memories and excited stories to share with friends is to take a cruise to Lan Ha Bay and head right straight to Lan Ha Bay for a New Experience. What are you still waiting for?